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The OCYSL shall be operated in accordance with the by-laws of the USYSO (US Youth Soccer Association) and NMYSA (NM Youth Soccer Association, www.nmysa.net ), and as modified or adapted herein. Play shall be IAW the USYSO Rules of the Game, and refereed in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.








Who we are...

The name Alamo United is certainly not new to Alamogordo. For me it was only a team name in the beginning. I wanted something to represent what my team was, a mix of local kids, HAFB kids and Germans coming to together to form a team. My understanding is that Alamo United represented something closer to a club in the past (I would love to know more about its roots). It has morphed into something much more today. The spring season we had four Alamo United teams from U10 up to U14. In addition we worked very closely with coach Barbosa's Hot Shot teams.

Today we are starting to take the steps to become a real club. Our foundation is built on sportsmanship, fair play, positive coaching and positive parental support. Our goal is getting as many kids playing at a competitive level as possible and having kids play with the kids that they will play with high school. Having our kids play with each other before they enter the high school program as well as in the off season is the only advantage we, as a small community, have playing in a district versus schools that have 40% more enrollment than we do in Alamogordo. This advantage held true when our 2017-18 boys won the State Championship. When asked how the team felt when they were down a goal, Adam Foltz answered; "We didn't panic, we had been in that situation many times before".

We ask that you, our players and parents, look towards your long term development. You might sacrifice winning now, but in the end, you will develop into a more complete player and help develop the kids you will be playing with in high school.

I am very excited about the future of this club. We are working on some very exciting things to come. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

-Eric Hoppes

Alamo United, NMYSA District 8 Commissioner



P.O. BOX 561
Alamogordo NM 88310

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